Pet First Aid

As a pet owners and carers we believe it is essential to have an understanding of animal first aid. The Australian Red Cross offers an affordable, online animal first aid course which we believe is something every pet owner should complete!  The course takes roughly 30-60 minutes to complete and takes you through all the […]

Setting Up A Fish Tank

Child Looking Into New Fishtank

Setting up a fish tank isn’t as simple as just adding water to your tank, it actually takes weeks to get your tank established prior to adding any fish. This is because we need to cultivate good bacteria in the tank, which will turn the ammonia in your fish’s waste into harmless nitrates.  Here are […]

Fish Care 101

Goldfish facing the Camera

I have been a hobbyist aquarium keeper for many years and love educating people on how to properly care for their fish.  During my time in the hobby I have found that many people think you can simply put a fish in a bowl of water and it will be fine. Unfortunately, this is not […]

Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

Winter is well and truly here and our animal friends will be feeling it too! Here are some of our favourite tips for keeping your pets warm and happy this winter. 1. Shelter and bedding: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to keep your pets warm is to ensure they have adequate shelter and bedding. […]

Why Hire a Live-in Pet Sitter?

Pet Sitter

Having a professional pet sitter live in your house is a wonderful way to ensure your animals receive all the care they need! Whilst there are people who offer live in sitting for free, hiring a professional sitter gives you the certainty that your house and pets will be well cared for in your absence. […]

Dog Training Services

Here at Bega Valley Pets, we have the pleasure of getting to meet and share clients with other local animal services. One of these services is the wonderful Trail Sniffers Training and Behaviour Consulting which is developed and run by nationally qualified dog trainer, Camille Hartnett. Trail Sniffers are committed to improving the lives of both […]

Custom Pet Art Now Available!

Did you know that our talented pet sitter Hayley offers custom pet portraits? Hayley is the artist behind Hyena Bones Paintings and offers a range of beautiful paintings including custom pet portraits! Hayley can take your pet photos and turn them into a beautiful canvas painting. Multiple pets can be included in the painting and […]

Meet Our Sitters:

About Bega Valley Pet Sitters

Abby: Hi, I’m Abby, the person behind Bega Valley Pets. After realising that pet care was difficult to find in the Bega Valley, I decided to take my passion and experience for animal care and start Bega Valley Pets. Throughout my adult life I have lived on multiple farms, always surrounded by animals! Recently I […]